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18 November 2012 @ 06:12 am
Just watched Skyfall. I don't know how I feel about it.

Much of it didn't feel lke a Bond film. They aren't high art, they're like an Oasis or Status Quo song - the same tune belted out with a different name. Or at least for a long time they seemed so. Since Daniel Craig took the role they've changed.
I like that.
I think... but I'm not sure.

The unBondness is still making my face scrunch up though. Not an attractive look.
The whole personal aspect of the story instead of being about a professional agency taking down a badguy. Feels like an iffy way to go. Like a cop show where its more about the characters than the cases. Which seems an odd thing to think, as those with a focus on character would be the preferred cop show.
I like Marmite, on toast, but it wouldn't be my preferred topping for ice cream.
Gah, I really don't like analogy.

Am certain at least that I dislike the Bond backstory aspect. Much prefer the notion "James Bond" is a designated name, and passed on to a replacement agent. Else it's kinda ridiculous, being constantly rebooted but keeping some parts. Like Craig taking over but M staying the same. 
The one-off George Lazenby Bond film had a line that suggested that was the case. He took over from Connery, and one fight had him walk away victorious, commenting "that wouldn't have happened to the other guy", suggesting the previous Connery-Bond incarnation.

The sly comments to previous Bondness was cool though. The new Q supplying tools and mocking the idea of providing an exploding pen.
The re-introduction of Moneypenny. Nicely done.
The appearance of the old Aston Martin. With its guns, and a comment towards its ejector seat. I had the die-cast model of that. There was a subtle touch in music choice at that point, the theme harking back to the Connery/Moore musical stylings.

M is gonna bother me I just know it. Ralph Fiennes. Argh! How that gets pronopunced "raif" is beyond me. Irritating,  rubbing against whatever it is that pretentiousness grates against.
Tis also like a Monty Python joke
Interviewer: Good evening. I have with me in the studio tonight one of the country's leading skin specialists, Raymond Luxury Yacht.
Raymond Luxury Yacht: That's not my name!
Interviewer: [tries literal pronunciation] I'm sorry; Raymond Luxury Yatscht.
Raymond Luxury Yacht: No no no, it's spelled, "Raymond Luxury Yacht," but it's pronounced, "Throat Warbler Mangrove". 

I think I need to watch a few more times to decide how I feel about it.
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05 November 2012 @ 07:17 pm
For me anyway. Cos of course, I don't do a great deal. But last few days, blimey...

After a failed first attempt, got some parcels sent off to Adam. A price gouging thing makes it cheaper for it to be as if he;'s a brit and sent to me to pass on than it is for him to buy at Oz prices.
While there finally sorted myself out with some passport photos. Next stage shall be struggling through the ruddy passport application form.
A regularly scheduled night out with the Thursday RPG. Finally wrapped up The Thousand Thrones campaign for WFRP, the only RPG product outside of a D20 stuffs that I've given a 1star review on Amazon.

Friday playing Arkham Horror - the Cthulhu board game we've failed to win four times now. Rather apporpriate, madness and death being the stock in trade of all that. Victory would feel peculiar.
Though as nice production values goes it was only a matter fo time before someone knocked over a drink and sullied the cards. Doubly grim in that it was me. :s

Saturday took me into London. A quick trip to Games Workshop to pick up more of their new paints.
Amuses me when the staff do the patter on me, I don't let on I was once in their shoes and know the script in and out.
Then met up with Drew. The wrong end of Oxford Street for the Intrepid Fox pub, so ducked into the first one on our whimsical path. The Green Man. Used to go there back when I was GW staffer. They've kept the name and imagery, but inside it seems to have become a bit of a Italian haven judging by the bulk on the punters and the football on the big screen telly.
Pleasent way to see in a birthday though. Talking toot over a beverage. Pear Cider of course, can't get enough of it. Well, I say that, but my stomach can apparently as I felt quite full and unable to finish my last.

Sunday, had the family round. First time my Bro and his tribe has been here in years. Since the gribbliness.
The kids are more fun these days, being old enough to actually chat to. The eldest is getting geeky enough be amusing too.
After a previous Rochester trip where the series' I mentioned he though I was merely parrotting those mentioned in the Big Bang Theory, he seemed quite awed by my actually knowing and owning them. His education begins with my loaning the Babylon5 dvd set, and the ikkle Firefly one. His sister now has my Buffy set to wade through too.

Monday, a trip to the local GP. Not for the doctor, but the resident nurse. To start the course of quitting ciggies. Long first appointment as they have to record a load of details. Got myself some patches, and a squirt inhaler-like thing for hwne the craving really takes hold. Tastes foul, which I s'pose is a god thing, reinforcing the psychological "eurgh", though I've still some cigs to get rid of so instead I felt inclined to have a ciggie to taste the taste away. Oops. 

Tomorrow shall be up Eltham for the group therapy. A few of the group shall be standing to speak in front of us all to challenge anxieties in exactly that flavour. One is purportedly gonna sing!

Not as busy as some, but doing something everday is rather hectic for me. Ruddy good thing. Closer to getting Geppetto to cut my strngs and declare me a real boy. :)
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06 October 2012 @ 04:04 pm
I've heard for'ners scoffing at the English tendency to have shorter seasons of telly. Invariably I parrot the show bosses, saying that they go on as long as the story supports it, pointing out a traditional US season length often involves a a few poor filler episodes."Do you remember when we..." episodes made up of flashbacks, or total asides to the season story arcs.

Even so, Doctor Who has disappoined me.

Current season listed as being of 13 episodes. They've taken a pause from showing it after five! The fifth episode was a good un, and important. It being the end of Amy and Rory, it's rather a significant end of a chapter. But five sodding episodes, pfsh.

So Merlin starts back up, taking its Saturday early evening slot. Ain't a great fan of it, but I watch it sometimes as it doesn't clash with anything. Not that I watch much telly anymore, the computer is my idiot box to stare at for hours on end now. Read an article on it, they've leapt forward a few years. Arthur and Guinevere are married and such. Intriguing, I'll give it a watch today.

Been playing and painting a lot. Replaying the old Xcom games from the Ps1 era on the PC. The new shiny one is due out anytime now. Exciting. 

Also doing batch painting on a shit load of zombies I got with the Zombicide game. Batch painting works well in getting lumps done at a time, applying the basecoat to zombie#1, #2 up to #7 at a time, then applying the highlight through them all rather than indivudally saves a lot of time and can help uniformity when that's important. This instance it's handy to get a lump of them done, while affording variety. One batch the skin is done with a ruddyskin tone, the next batch with a more yellowish flesh tone, the next with purple mixed into the flesh, another with a blue-grey tinting the flesh.
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29 September 2012 @ 03:46 am
Had an iffy night a couple back. Opened the e-mail to find a crap ton of bounced e-mails. It'd been hacked or phished. Sending out a few mass mails to the address book. Sneaky buggers, sliding in in-between scheduled scans. Had to attend to the desktop and the laptop, not knowing which the infection was in. Desktop is fast enough that a scan doesn't take hours, but the laptop is old so I had a late bedtime that night. All sorted now though.

Had the sequel episode of the group therapy. First one was all very intro. Was weirdly not weird upon arrival. As the waiting room filled up we all sat there silent, studiously avoiding eye contact. That'd be weird, were it not that we were all there for social anxiety, so weirdly not weird.
Second episode, there's only a thrid of us really engage with it. Others just sit there without saying a thing, not sure if they're listening or quietly relating. They're not gonna get much from it unless they engage a lil more.
I have some goals to channel my will. Sorting a photo out soonish, so then I complete the fiddly (and to my mind often overwhelming) passport application. With a longer term goal being to visit my foreign friends.  

Still sanding the wood I've had cut in advance of gluing and screwing my latest painting desk together. I'm getting an itch to paint it other than black. Even decorate and paint over all my black stuff. I'm thinking brown, into bronze, with maybe some mock-verdigris stippled on too. Steam punk imagery is really gripping me.
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18 September 2012 @ 08:42 am
It's such a bugger, sleep.

No longer doing the big MMO, so the rolling body clock to be around with folk of different time zones doesn't have the allure it once had. I'd much rather find a time zone and stick with it. Doesn't have to be a UK one, but might aswell. Least then I could be around when parcels are delivered and easier keep appointments and such like.

Staying on GMT would be fine for the occasional quality period of time spent with for'ners. My afternoon would be on a par with an Aussie evening and a US wakey-wakey time. My night time comfortably on par with when the US folk get home and switch on their PC's.

Trouble is, any concept of a sleep schedule spins away whenever I try to grasp it. It's like a simile of something wriggly.

Currently napping whenever I can, hoping to stumble upon an accomodating time zone, and then sink my roots in.

I might be picking up some material on sleep matters later today. I start a group therapy thing, with the one-to-one sessions over. That therapist said she'd be leaving some of that sleep malarky there for me. Though she is rather disorganised so if she forgot it wouldn't surprise me.

I've more of an itch to paint minis, and be organised about it. If I can trim down the time it takes, might even start bashing out some merely moderately decent ones rather than fancy ones and stick 'em on Ebay.

The wood to make my newest painting desk is away being cut. Once that's put togther I should be able to sort out all my painting bits and pieces in one area (as it stands, it's split over three). That should have a knock on effect in organising other things.

Aiming to shuffle around some of the big electronic devices to have on in the background and not require load of moving to change a DvD/Cd. Should get a radio set up with a good reception, as that shan't need to be touched and allow l-o-n-g sessions of brush wriggling. Moving the big devices and consolodating the painting stuff should lead to a bit of a clutter clear out. Shoudl pick up some wall hooks so pin up some things like the sword collection, as the space that takes up with them standing up is kinda daft.

Hmm, wonder how much of that I'll actually get around to doing.
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01 September 2012 @ 11:35 pm
After weeks of nothing being on telly, Doctor Who started today.

Seriously, there's been nothing. All the decent comedies ended their season a few weeks back, and the Olympic coverage pretty much meant the BBC was a no go zone for a fortnight. Shocking, and I could rant about the many way I dislike the Olympics.... so I shall. :p
Expensive. So very, very expensive. We're hardly in the best economic shape, and then spending all that on a sporting event.
And the timing, having to devote so much of the available resources to get things done on time, instead of getting things done most effectively for the long term.
Redundant buildings. It's not long ago we finally scraped together a use for the millenium buildings. Beijing still has empty olympic buildings. We're gonna have that, at a time of a housing shortage. There'll be "sold" off cheaply to friends of those that can make it happen, to folk in the business sector that can already afford premises.
And really, who gives a shit about all that sport crap. How many of those chest thumping fuckwits watch people running and hurdling round a track or throwing lumps or javelins across a field, at any other time. They're clearly not into the sports. Take away the opportunity to drag their knuckles towards purchasing a flag to wave and that's left to them. Watching the latest reality TV show where the talentless and delusional express their life long dream to win a competition like pop idol, xfactor, ballroom dancing or whatever, when the show has only existing for a few sad years, giving the rest of them to chance to jeer at the talentless and delusional while they perform songs they didn't like when made by the original, talented artists.
I guess it's the new opiate of the masses.

So, um, anyway, yeah. Doctor Who!  Woot!

Started in a big way. Daleks.
The Ponds life at home hasn't been problem free.
And we got introduced to the character we know will become the new companion. And feel the twist at the episodes end where we're confronted with a situation that makes that a difficult outcome to say the least. Should be resolved in the Chrimbo episode I hear, and can't wait. The character is very cool.
And the actress, Jenna Louise Colman. She's luverly. I remember her fondly from a soap opera. She has curves.  
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26 August 2012 @ 02:38 am
I read that utterance again recently, and can't get it out of my head. Not that I'd want to, I fear for where it may go.

Am approaching a couple of endings. One week left on having the house to myself. Ma's return shall follow some hasty tidying. John returns a month later, after doing some work on the house in Turkey.

Onlyt have one of the one-to-one anxiety sessions left. The social anxiety is all but gone, and when the rare nervy outbreak does occur I'm able to give it a good stare down into submission. Still have a few of the other more generalised anxiety issues to deal with, but having the social stuff fown makes it easier to deal with them. I shall be joining a group soon. Couldn't have contemplated doing that a couple of months ago. Meesa happy bunny.

Am thinking I should move out. Sharing a place with dad could be a way to go. He wants to move house, and the relationship I have with him is different to that with ma. He relates to me better as an adult, has more conversational skills and can take criticism without getting mopey.

He also has to do as I should get on with, do some courses at local colleges. He's gotta learn the basics of computers. The numpty had been using CAPS LOCK to render letters in uppercase, didn't understand what the shift key was for. Odd, little things like that we take for granted in understanding.
I fancy doing a more intermediate or advanced class in photoshop and digital artystuffs. Already know the basics, but that's all the local college is teaching so I need to cast my net wider.
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09 August 2012 @ 02:02 pm
So, chatting with the therapist today. I'm doing well, all progressing nicely. And just as well, because had the progression been going the other way.... psychopath. :o

All my CBT stuff has been pretty much dealing with the social anxiety aspects, rather than others. Apparently that's the most prudent, as hightened social interaction makes it easier to deal with the other aspects of anxiety. Really surprised me though it shouldn't I s'pose, that the social interactions shrinking, becoming invisible and then resentment building at that invisibilty can make a person explode in psychoville. Like what happened in Buffy with that invisible girl I guess.

So glad I shan't be going psycho. For a start guns are hard to get here, so wading through a mass of innocents would take ages with a sword.
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01 August 2012 @ 04:57 am
With my lil Somerset holiday done, a few days back with the family they bugger off on their own to Turkey. House to myself for holiday part two.

Nice and tranquil. Can do whatever I want or need to do without having to wonder about others needs.

Have already had a couple gaming days. A pair of different gaming mates. One of which they brought their missus along. She's great, but got so unlucky with her dice when she generated her real life character. Allergies, MS so everything is painful, and now a cancerous brain tumour. The allergies never stopped her becoming a fancy chef, but the tumour now means she can't taste anything so has to cook by smell. Reckon The Who should do a rock musical about her.

The CBT continues to go well. Much better at biting off the "what if..." anxiety thoughts that prevents just getting on with something. Actually got a bit too good at dismissing them, now have to try and recognise if any of those "what if" thoughts are useful and worth answering before flicking them away.

Having many more exciting thoughts about the future. Easy stuff like college courses and possibly learning to drive. Up to fanciful things like moving, house sharing, having a pet. The mind wanders too freely though, got to a point where I imagined a holiday and created neighbours to feed the cat.
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20 July 2012 @ 01:52 am
Just got back from my first holiday in ages.

Took a trip to the south west. Somerset. An aunt lives there, recently remarried, has a country cottage with a holiday cottage for renting out. My dad took me for a visit. Had to cut it down from a week to five days, so I could carry on the CBT appointments, and was also kinda nervy(needlessly) about it and figured less time away could be good for that.

It was goooood.

Day trips to nice places. Stroking the family dog. Sitting in the garden smokingand talking toot with dad. Nice. :)

Saturday, there was a lil music festival nearby. Good bands too. Mostly alt' rock stuffs, my kinda thing. Had a few ciders, (or "soidaz" as they'd pronounce it), got quite into it. Forgot how English I was supposed to be, with the hollering and feet wiggling.
Luckily the weather seemed to be on my side. There had been a lot of rain recently, still evidence of flooding even. But whenever we were out and about it was pleasent. I even caught a bit of sun, most peculiar.

I'm gonna have to paint them a surprise miniature as a thank you. I'm thinking of the couple represented by a prince and princess frog (she likes frogs), and try and get an ikkle jack russell model to their scale.
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